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Dominios Africanos: República de Sudáfrica (.za)

Importante: Cuando entre en la cadena de búsqueda no escriba "www" o el dominio Sudafricano, por ejemplo ".za". Por lo tanto para buscar "", entre "bb-online" y nada más.

Por favor recordar que los dominios solo pueden llevar las siguientes letras:
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Todos los nombres de dominio Sudafricano registrados a través de nosotros, son almacenados en nuestros servidores internacionales. Dominios registrados con nosotros se les asigna automáticamente una pagina en vía de construcción, esto les notificara a compradores potenciales que el nombre has sido adquirido y esta ya registrado. La página en construcción se ofrece de forma gratuita y puede utilizarse indefinidamente.

Es posible proporcionar servicio de web y / o re-dirección de correo para los dominios Sudafricano.

Tasas de transferencia de dominio son cobrados por mucha mayoría de registradores, pero BB Online efectúa sin costo alguno la transferencia de un dominio a otro registrador de nombres de dominio Sudafricano.


.za is the cctld for South Africa

The ".za" Domain Name Authority has the role to manage the ".za" domain name space and to protect its interests and rights of everyone involved in using it. The ".za" Domain Name Authority was established in terms of Chapter X of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act in 2002.

The objectives of the Authority are as follows:

1. Administer and manage the ".za" domain name space;

2. Comply with international best practice in the administration of the ".za" domain name space;

3. License and regulate registries, aswell as for respective registries;

4. Enhance public awareness of the commercial and economic benefits of domain name registration

5. Publish guidelines on:

• the maintenance of and public access to a repository;

• the requirements and procedures for domain name registration;

• the general administration and management of the ".za" domain name space.

At present one may only register a domain on the third level (eg. However there are a large amount of second-level domains under the ".za" domain space. The operation of subdomains should be performed in a manner that minimises overhead in all senses of the word, and maximises accountability. Below we introduce the second-level domains names (Subdomains) in tables. (Please note the headings on top of every table in order to see the structure.)

Active domains accepting new registrations:

Subdomain Limited to Third-level domains
"" Higher education and research institutions and related organisation Over 200
"" Unlimited Over 421898
"" Formally registered further education and training institutions Over 26
"" Government departments or organisations Over 80
"" Practising Firms of Attorneys in good standing with their respective Law Society 55 (2002-09-10)
"" Divisions or sections within the Department of Defence 50 subdomains planned for the end of 2003 (2003-06-26)
"" Individuals (no registrations by corporate entities are accepted) 142, with 13 direct A records and 22 MX pointers (2002-09-05)
"" South African non-commercial organisations (in practice no registrations are rejected) 14085 active domains (as at 01/12/2008)
"" Schools ~2206 sub-domains, under 10 third level domains (2003-06-25)

Active domains not accepting new registrations:

Subdomain Status Third-level domains New registrations? Limited to
"" Active 42 No Historical registrants
"" Active 16 New registrations pending ".za DNA public consultation process Network infrstructure
"" Inactive 0 On hold pending establishment of the ".za" DNA Under discussion
"" Active 57 On hold pending establishment of the ".za" DNA Trademark owners
"" Active 183 (2008- 06-10) On hold pending ".za" DNA's regulations & procedures. Anyone who wants to put up a web server

Domains removed from the zone file & to be deleted on 7 August 2009:

Subdomain Status Apparently delegated to
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 De Beers
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 Institute for Maritime Technology
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 Lan Design (no longer exists)
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 JSE registered companies
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 Infront Investments Five cc
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 Compustat
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 Internetworking Cape
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 Olivetti/Mark Elkins
"" Set for deletion on 2009-08-07 Proxima Information Exchange

".za" subdomains are created for the public interest hence the applications for domains should be submitted when the creation of a new division of the ZA namespace would serve a clear need by the public, or some reasonable subsection of the public. It should be said that subdomains under ".za" are not created, and should not be applied for, for the sole and exclusive benefit of a person or organisation.

Unfortunately the ".za" DNA dont yet have the mechanisms to resolve a ".za" domain name dispute however regulations in this regard are in the process of being promulgated by the Department of Communications.

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