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Dominios del Caribe: Trinidad y Tobago (.tt)

Importante: Cuando entre en la cadena de búsqueda no escriba "www" o el dominio Trinitense, por ejemplo ".tt". Por lo tanto para buscar "", entre "bb-online" y nada más.

Por favor recordar que los dominios solo pueden llevar las siguientes letras:
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Una vez el nombre de dominio ha sido registrado

Todos los nombres de dominio Trinitense registrados a través de nosotros, son almacenados en nuestros servidores internacionales. Dominios registrados con nosotros se les asigna automáticamente una pagina en vía de construcción, esto les notificara a compradores potenciales que el nombre has sido adquirido y esta ya registrado. La página en construcción se ofrece de forma gratuita y puede utilizarse indefinidamente.

Es posible proporcionar servicio de web y / o re-dirección de correo para los dominios Trinitense.

Tasas de transferencia de dominio son cobrados por mucha mayoría de registradores, pero BB Online efectúa sin costo alguno la transferencia de un dominio a otro registrador de nombres de dominio Trinitense.


.tt is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Trinidad and Tobago.

The TTNIC is responsible for the registration of Internet domain names under the ".tt" (Trinidad and Tobago) Top Level Domain. TTNIC do not require applicants to have a physical presence in Trinidad and Tobago.

Registrations are taken at the second level, as well as third-level registrations beneath the names "", "", "", "", "", "", "", and "" (which are unrestricted), and three restricted domains, "" (for the Military of Trinidad and Tobago), "" (for educational institutions in Trinidad and Tobago) and "" (for agencies of the government of Trinidad and Tobago). The TTNIC register domain names on a first come, first served basis.

An outside vendor makes free redirected domains available at the third level beneath second-level labels that resemble country codes, like "" These are ad-supported, but it is also possible to disable the advertisements in the administration area. These domains represent a large portion of the existing sites under ".tt", but these registrations are not "official" as they are merely subdomains of second-level domains owned by the vendor. TTNIC now offer single character domain names (any letter or number). Since these are priced individually it's hard to name the exact price but email for more information regarding the specific individual single character name. The Registration fee paid when registering a ".tt" domain covers a period of three years. The same goes for renewals of domain names, this includes any permitted modification(s) to the Domain Name's record during the covered period.

In the event that the Registrant uses an agent for the purposes of making any required payments, the Registrar shall first seek payment from the agent. In the event that the agent fails to make such payment, for whatever reason, the Registrar shall have the right to recover the payment from the Registrant.

Payment of the Registration Fee or the Renewal Fee, as the case may be, shall be made to the Registrar within thirty (30) days of the date appearing on the invoice.

The following characters are allowed under the ".tt" domain:

1. The 26 letters A-Z of the Roman alphabet.

2. The digits 0-9 and the hyphen (-). Hyphens may not be used in the beginning or the end of the domain name.

3. The hyphen can not be on the third and the fourth place due to the IDN's (International domain name) punycode.

Please note that TTNIC does have any responsibility regarding Domain Names that may conflict with trademarks, registered or unregistered, or with any other intellectual property rights.

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