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Importante: Cuando entre en la cadena de búsqueda no escriba "www" o el dominio .tel, por ejemplo ".tel". Por lo tanto para buscar "", entre "bb-online" y nada más.

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Una vez el nombre de dominio ha sido registrado

Todos los nombres de dominio .tel registrados a través de nosotros, son almacenados en nuestros servidores internacionales. Dominios registrados con nosotros se les asigna automáticamente una pagina en vía de construcción, esto les notificara a compradores potenciales que el nombre has sido adquirido y esta ya registrado. La página en construcción se ofrece de forma gratuita y puede utilizarse indefinidamente.

Es posible que el reenvío de correo electrónico que se proporcionan para los dominios .tel, pero no transmisión web. Dominios .tel no son sitios web, pero son un servicio de contacto.

Tasas de transferencia de dominio son cobrados por mucha mayoría de registradores, pero BB Online efectúa sin costo alguno la transferencia de un dominio a otro registrador de nombres de dominio .tel.



".tel" is a service that allows individuals and businesses alike to store and manage all their contact information and keywords directly in the domain name system (DNS) without the need to build, host or manage a website.

For ".tel" domains the DNS enables indexing directly within the DNS, the fastest method of accessing key information, this also has the affect of enabling search engines to index your site quickly. A great search optimisation tool.

So ".tel" allows you to store, publish and update online all your contact information and keywords under your unique domain name, without the need for a website! ".tel" is optimized for mobile devices since it uses small and fast DNS lookups rather than larger html content. It therefore enables you to be quickly and easily found on all mobile devices.

".tel" domain is not a website, you cannot build site on a ".tel" domain name.

Why is ".tel" different than other 300+ Top Level Domains (TLDs)? The value of a ".tel" domain lies with the ability to host personal (or corporate) contact information directly in the DNS, which can then be universally accessible. This stands in contrast to the typical use of the DNS for other TLDs, in which the DNS only provides a mapping between domain names and IP addresses.

Companies can use ".tel" domains to publish all their means of communication, for example: mobile, fax, phone, premium numbers, email, VoIP etcetera. Companies can also store web links, geo-location data and keywords describing your business. So a ".tel" domain works as a global directory, allowing individuals and companies to own and control all their contact information in real-time. A ".tel" domain also increases businesses discoverability online since they can use multi-lingual keywords for each department and location. These keywords are indexed by leading search engines, which improves the online visibility.

A business could use their ".tel" to easily set up, integrate and manage time-sensitive tasks such as SMS (texting) voting for a favorite TV reality show (i.e. American Idol) with one-click functionality.

Viewers could use the choices under the ".tel" to vote for their favorite celebrity.

Can I protect my private data? The ".tel" enables you to protect your private data, allowing it to be seen only by people you authorize. For more information, please see How do I protect my Private Data.

What are the restrictions on a ".tel" domain?

• The minimum number of characters in a ".tel" domain is 3

• The maximum number of characters in a ".tel" domain is is 63 (not including the ".tel" suffix.)

• Every domain must contain at least one letter from a-z or "A to Z" in standard US ASCII script.

• No domain can begin or end with a hyphen nor can a domain have a hyphen in the 3rd and 4th position.

• A ".tel" domain may not consist purely of digits.

The .tel naming conventions are described in detail in the Acceptable Use Policy. The reserved list is also available for review.

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