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.sg is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Singapore.

It is administered by the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) and registrations are processed via accredited registrars.

SGNIC was formed in October 1995 and a month later SGNIC took over the operation of Domain Name Registration (DNR) Services from the Technet Unit upon its acquisition by Sembawang Media. The main purpose of SGNIC is administering the Internet domain name space in Singapore as well as to provide a forum for the local Internet Service Providers however it wasnt until 1997, the acutal operations were housed and operated by SGNIC. Before then it was the New Media & Internet Cluster (NMI) of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) that was in charge. SGNIC was in 1997 registered as a company in ACRA.

SGNIC goals are to:

• To facilitate the use of the Internet by administering the registration of ".sg" domain names in a logical and coherent framework;

• To provide a forum for Internet access service providers, regulatory agencies and interest groups to discuss issues related to the coordination and administration of Internet infrastructure and services in Singapore;

• To raise the competency of the Internet industry in Singapore by acquiring and sharing knowledge and best practices; and

• To provide, where appropriate, advice and feedback on issues pertinent to the Internet industry.

The ".sg" domain name is open for everone that has a valid Singapore postal address. A foreign applicant can apply for a domain name if the administrative contact has a valid Singapore postal adress. However there are numerous subdomains under the ccTLD ".sg". Currently the following 2LDs are offered by SGNIC:

"" is for commercial entities that are either registered with the ACRA, IE Singapore or any professional body. A foreign company may apply for this domain name if it has a representative in Singapore, which shall be a legal entity that is similarly registered by any of the afore-mentioned organisations.

"" is for network providers and info-comm operators in Singapore. In order to apply the applicant needs to posses a valid licence issued by the Info-Communications Development Authority (IDA).

"" is for organisations registered with the Registry of Societies (ROS) including other miscellaneous organisations (eg. Town Councils, Community Centres, People's Association and Embassies and any other organisations not classified elsewhere.)

"" is for all government organizations within the Singapore Government, this includes Ministries, Organs of State, and Statutory Boards.

"" is for educational institutions. Applicants for domain names under this category must be educational institutions registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE).

"" is for the registration of personal domain names.

Since the 22 of October, 2007 SGNIC offers pure numeric domain names.

SGNIC system operates on a first-come first-served basis. So the first application request will obtain the name. This is provided that the request meets the domain name requirements stated in the SGNIC agreement.

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