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Importante: Cuando entre en la cadena de búsqueda no escriba "www" o el dominio Global, por ejemplo ".mobi". Por lo tanto para buscar "", entre "bb-online" y nada más.

Por favor recordar que los dominios solo pueden llevar las siguientes letras:
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Para registrar su dominio Global por favor señale aqui!

Una vez el nombre de dominio ha sido registrado

Todos los nombres de dominio Global registrados a través de nosotros, son almacenados en nuestros servidores internacionales. Dominios registrados con nosotros se les asigna automáticamente una pagina en vía de construcción, esto les notificara a compradores potenciales que el nombre has sido adquirido y esta ya registrado. La página en construcción se ofrece de forma gratuita y puede utilizarse indefinidamente.

Es posible proporcionar servicio de web y / o re-dirección de correo para los dominios Global.

Tasas de transferencia de dominio son cobrados por mucha mayoría de registradores, pero BB Online efectúa sin costo alguno la transferencia de un dominio a otro registrador de nombres de dominio Global.


The global registry appointed by ICANN for the .mobi domain name is dotMobi. It is used for people who want to enable internet service through their mobile phones. It makes sure that the site will work and doesn't give the same problems on mobile phones that other domain names might.

Even though the mobile market is increasing, the Mobile Web is still very difficult to use. It can be hard to locate certain sites and very little content can show up. These problems are erased with use of the .mobi domain name, opening an easier path for content providers. It means that you will need to rely less on operator portals.

It guarantees a better user experience which results in customer loyalty, .mobi increasing the use of profitable data services. IT gives users an easier way the access the internet and websites that they enjoy, a mobile being more accessible from various locations rather than a laptop.

Yet, why does it work with all phones? This is due to the 'Instant Mobilizer'. It takes an existing website and transforms it into a mobile site. No programming is involved which makes it easier for anyone to get hold of a .mobi site.

dotMobi, also known as mTLD ltd., has reserved a number of domains which are usually common words or phrases. This procedure is done along with dotMobi's contract with ICANN. The reason for these so called 'Premium names' is so that you can preserve the stability and exurity of registry operations, make it more likely that these names will provide the mobile web community with more exciting features and services, and so that in the allocation of these names, there is a more level playing field.

Excluding these 'Premium names', dotMobi works on a 'first come, first serve' basis, much like other domain names. These domain names must follow the required dotMobi criteria.

These are the regulations which must be met when creating a .mobi domain name:

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